You Have a Gift, Release It! 9 Signposts to Yours

By on 01/11/2016

Everyone has a special gift.

Do you cringe a little, or feel a little disbelief, when you hear that? Or did something flutter inside your heart?

The truth is, everyone’s gifts are different, and they are all special. And the world needs them.

What is your gift?

It may be singing or speaking, coding or composing, writing or welding, building or breaking down and fixing something.

Maybe you have an eye for detail, allowing you to turn an ordinary space into a wonderful haven.

Or  analyzing systems and how to do it better.

Or have a way with children, with teens, or with senior folks.

It’s not only never too late to let your light shine, and do what you truly enjoy. It’s important to do it, not just for you, but your light might just light up somebody else’s way.

It starts with recognizing your gift and taking it out from hiding.

I’ve done many types of work in my life: From being an employee to being an executive director. Being a freelancer to a small business owner to an entrepreneur.  In many different fields along the way.

You may have seen me working in board rooms to backyards: in a business suit, in overalls, in bike shorts, in a golf shirt, in a ball gown, in an apron, even in a Saloon Girl costume (tour guide to a former mining town, just sayin)

I got off-track from “what I thought I wanted to be when I grew up” early, like right after getting my college degree! And at times, I’ve looked on the variety of work I’ve done and thought of myself as a failure. Matthew_Hull_morguefile000110771297-1

If you saw the fields I’ve worked in and jobs I’ve held, you might wonder if it was brilliant, or courageous or simply inconsistent or, maybe even flaky.

Yet as I’ve looked back on the wide range of my accomplishments, I know that at the heart of every one of my endeavors was a desire to be of service and a desire to help make the world a better place into the future.

And each endeavor allowed me, required me, to learn and to grow; to shape who I was becoming, hone different skills and make a contribution.

I know that many of you are at feeling at crossroads right now. Something new is on the horizon. You’re on the brink of starting something new, or finishing something to get be able to get something out into the world.

I want to encourage you (one of my super-power skills) and tell you that you have got something in you and it is special.

Imagine a world without a Taylor Swift, Bill Gates, Mother Theresa or a Michelangelo. No matter if you’re a specific fan or user or not, by sharing their talents and giving their gifts to the world, these individuals have certainly made our world a better place .

Others you can think of, have appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and have redefined our worlds.

They have changed the way we eat and drink, how we do business, how we communicate, how we recreate. But before they took that step to show us what they had, nobody had even an inkling as to what was coming.

What about you?  Who knows how you could change your own world, for the better. Or our world. Would your work bring someone health or love or inspiration or access or enjoyment or adventure or relief…?

If you don’t do something about it you’ll never know, what you’re capable of. You’ll never know how it could have been. By taking that first step you’re making a declaration of your independence.3207185886_2042c45492_b-654x437

I know now that part of what I’m here to do is inspire others who may think they don’t have what it takes.

When you make your dreams come true it may be only for yourself, but there are hundreds or maybe thousands who’ll be inspired. Especially in your own family or in your community.

They’ll say if so and so could do it, I can do it too. Your success becomes their success.
Of course, it takes both what’s inside with getting it out into the world,  combining what I call  Core Inner Assets with Key Outer Actions. You don’t need to see the end completely, but start with the knowing that you are here to shine.

Here are 8 guideposts to bringing your gifts to the world; to not just going somewhere that you ought to go, or might bring you the most income, or be the fastest, but the path that yields success and satisfaction.

1) The path uses your main talents and skills.

2) It fits with your temperament, such as if you’re outgoing or more reserved, easy going or opinionated (no judgment here)

3) Builds your confidence in an upward spiral

4) Offers you a lot of interesting times and holds your interest

5) Keeps you motivated (though this is always a bit up and down along the way)

6) Is mostly enjoyable (see the caveat above)

7) Energizes you along the way

8) It fits with your dreams

What is your gift? Release it!


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