What are You Growing? 50 Ways to Praise a Child

By on 11/01/2015

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in what’s not working and focus on what’s wrong:

  • “You didn’t….”
  • “You never…”
  • “Why don’t you…”

Yet research proves that children need a minimum of three positives for every negative they hear, to develop the self-worth and confidence that takes them forward to success.

The simple fact is that people choose to live up to our vision of them by consciously or subconsciously adopting our perception of them.

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Focus on what they’re doing right– even if it’s small compared to what you think they’re missing or messing up on.

Tune into their own sense of accomplishment, what they feel proud of. Don’t make it about what want them to do all the time (clean their room, etc.) or what they DO, make it about who they are BEING and how they showed up, their effort.

Of course they need feedback and direction about what they need to improve on. But often, not in the negative way you might tell them. Or the tone. Or at the time. Hey, we’re all human, we parents, we’re not perfect. But, if there is something specific that needs attention, plan a time to talk to convey the feedback.

And of course, false praise or praise without paying attention to them, rings hollow!

In the meantime, work on focusing on the successes not the slip-ups. (tweet this!)

Unconditional love is the key that unlocks all of our success.

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