How to Take a Compliment: Top 5 Ways To Stand Out with Confidence in Business and Life

By on 04/08/2016

Do you…?

Squirm when receiving a compliment? Slough it off like an uncomfortable hug or downright reject it? Suggest others did more work than you did on that project?

Say anyone could have put on an event like that? Or about your outfit “You mean this old thing…”?

You’re stuck in downplaying

Or worse.

Do you focus on what you didn’t do as well as you would have with more time, more resources, more talent…instead of what you did do well?

Do you still think about all the ways you think you should be different or better or prettier or richer or funnier or sexier…instead of relishing you as you are now and stepping out to get more visible?

We dim our light, not wanting to outshine others

We let someone else win, take the credit, get that position at work, get those clients

that we are perfect for or that other opportunity we’ve been longing for.

Isn’t it about being modest? humble?

Heaven forbid we get called any of the names that our inner critic loves to latch onto, like selfish, arrogant, conceited, stuck on yourself, egotistical—or worse—to shut us down

with the most common confidence destroyer: You’re not good enough.

When our inner critic runs our story, we go down the road to doubt, self-sabotage and giving up.…. Keeping us from owning our worth and showing up confidently—at work, life and love.

We pay a high price for this downplaying and self-criticizing, in high stress, poor health and damaged relationships, besides all of the lost opportunities.

Now more than ever, own your greatness!

There’s more competition, more distractions, more noise. So it’s crucial to get comfortable with simply, calmly and honestly owning your brilliance.

There will never be another you, and your gifts will never be expressed the same way by anyone else—ever.

Use these five steps to B.O.A.S.T. your way to confidently standing out–to claim the income, clients, position, romance or whatever more you’re after.

B  Breakup with your Inner Bully

We’re the ones locking the door on showing up in all of our inner greatness, more often than not.

After all, we’re experts at keeping track of what we do wrong, what we’re missing, what we could have done better, how we’re less than. It’s time to break it off with your self-imposed shortcomings.

O  Open to receive

We need to receive. That’s how it works, giving AND receiving! Most women ROCK at giving. Yet if we can’t receive, as in receive help when we need it or accepting compliments—not even for something we’ve done, but just for being us— we’re cutting ourselves off from life-giving, long-lasting success.

A Appreciate and Allow

Appreciation is different from gratitude. It’s not dependent on anything outside of yourself, more an acknowledgement of what is.

It activates core human principles, like empathy compassion, respect, generosity and thankfulness, and opens you up to realizing all you have going for you, right now.

S Stop the comparing

Sometimes comparing is just bad gawking, oh, look what she just did, or what she’s wearing or what they’re saying.

But when we allow it to make us feel less than, we stunt our ability to step up and put ourselves out there! We end up feeling we don’t measure up, so we give up and stay small.

T Talk it up and Take a stand for yourself

Put words to work for you. Most likely you know both the positive and the pain of words, so you know they’re powerful. Speak yourself into stepping up by creating your own personal confidence statement(s) . Say them while standing in the hands-on-hips Wonder Woman pose to activate your physiology and brain chemicals. too.

Which way are you worst at downplaying your greatness? At work or in your personal life or both? Which tip will you focus on first?

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