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By on 01/01/2016

Anyone who’s launched their coaching business, solopreneur practice or book, knows the hard work and pride! But how do you keep going when the results aren’t exactly what you’d hoped for, or you realize that the biggest obstacle to your success– is YOU.

Publicity is priceless

Since publicity is not paid advertising, coverage by the media is deemed to have a higher authenticity factor, making it a key part of a book and brand marketing plan.

Yet even with more than 20 years expertise in marketing, public relations and community affairs, the world of book marketing and publicity seemed overwhelming on my own, at first.

Getting a journalist, producer, anchor or talk show host interested in your topic, you could be interviewed for an article (like I was for COSMOPOLITAN, The Denver Post and numerous blogs) or invited to write an article for the media or guest blog post or even be interviewed as a guest on a radio or TV show.

Behind the scenes work

After having three children reach their teens, I gave birth to another baby. My book, The Compliment Quotient: Boost Your Spirits, Spark Your Relationships and Uplift the World.  In less than two years, I’ve had more than 40 opportunities to be in the media, with more than a dozen of them in-studio interviews on television stations across the country and national print placement, including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX TV, HuffPost Live interview, and COSMOPOLITAN, as well as many radio spots, too.

“How did you do it?” is the question I get the most.  Here’s the secret: It’s not some secret but it takes a lot of work! Daily monitoring of what’s happening in the media, responding to reporters queries, and pitching relevant segment ideas to hard-to-reach producers.

Let’s jump-start your publicity goals!Monica Media Appearances 2-2-13 v2

In response to so many requests for help, I’m opening spots in mentoring programs to   Stand-Out, Get-Known, Get Media for authors, speakers, coaches and other solopreneurs.

I’ll be working with authors, speakers, coaches and other experts developing their unique hooks, plans and practices to match up with reporters looking for experts to interview, pitch TV and radio stations for interviews including in-studio, magazine and TV placements and more. We’ll be working together to get you ready and launched to getting your own publicity and media coverage.


For a limited time, I am offering Complimentary 30 Minute Visibility Strategy Sessions to speaker, authors, coaches and solopreneurs who have as a goal this year to Stand-out, Get Known in a bigger way, and Get Media. Please send an email to  with the subject line: Strategy Session Please answer these questions briefly:  (copy and paste them into the email if you’d like)

  • What is your name, company name, phone number, the type of expert business you have and website?
  • How long have you been in business or had your book out or when will it be out?
  • What are your top visibility goals?
  • Have you had any media already?
  • How prepared do you think you are for publicity?
  • Do you have a ‘sales funnel’ in place for your business?

I’m so excited to help you move forward to getting confident, getting known, getting media and getting the publicity to help you achieve your goals. Borrow my brain! You are brilliant! Monica's Strobel

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