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Ignite Your Meeting or Event…

…with unforgettable programs that get rave reviews! With Speaker, Author, Appreciation Igniter and Stand-out Success Coach Monica Strobel, as seen on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC TV, radio and print media across North America— “America’s Complimentologist”

Whether your audience is C-suite or managers, business owners or bloggers, career professionals or entrepreneurs, Monica’s unique messaging on the hidden powers of appreciation combines positive communications, people skills and emotional intelligence with the latest from neuroscience, performance and health studies, to accelerate success and make a bigger positive impact in the world.

In her wise, witty and warm-hearted style, Monica enthralls audiences with actionable transformation tools and simple secret sauces to gain a true winning, at work and in life.

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Most Popular Keynote / General Session Speaking Program

The Appreciation Advantage 

3 Simple Secrets to Ignite Your Extraordinary Work, Life & Legacy

In hectic, unsettled and competitive times, nothing is as vital to igniting our success as our people and relationships.

And nothing is as crucial to activating both of them as when folks feel valued, connected, on purpose and happier!

So how do you activate these inner forces—at work and in you? The powers of appreciation.

Yet we still skip or misuse these simple essentials and it’s costly.

Let’s bust the appreciation myths and mistakes blocking your results. Explore the latest from brain science to performance studies.

Discover four secrets to fueling people who consistently give their best, loyal clients who sing your praises and rewarding relationships that last.

Plus, you’ll learn to quickly grow rapport and influence, boost your health and happiness and make a bigger positive impact, at work and in the world.

You’ll discover how to

  • Stop the 6 top success stealers draining your work, relationships and you
  • Activate the 3 inner forces that boost attitude, performance and loyalty
  • Ignite the hidden key to success in today’s connection economy
  • Lead with GREAT Appreciation™ & what to avoid, in business & beyond

Applies to Leadership | Performance | Positive Organizational Culture | Engagement & Retention |Sales & Marketing | Customer Care | Career & Personal Development | People Skills | Relationships

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More Speaking Programs / Breakouts / Workshops

Coaching for Women EntrepreneursAppreciate Your Way to the Top

Nine Clever Strategies to Win More Clients, Promotions & Loyalty—and Be Unforgettable

Studies prove appreciation rocket-fuels leadership and success. Yet how do you praise and compliment in today’s complex, more cynical, even more callous times?

It takes more nuance than simply “smile more” or “say thank you” to inspire the authentic connection that is vital to irresistible, influential and lasting connection.

  • Discover how to ‘win friends and influence others’ with nine up-to-the-minute positive communication techniques.
  • Learn the exact situations to use them to gain the most and make the biggest positive difference
  • Practice the phrases & strategies to use–and what to avoid–in business and beyond

upliftSecrets of Stand-Out Success

How to Ditch the Downplaying and Stand Out with Confidently at Work and in Life

Do you have trouble taking a compliment—or the spotlight?It’s costing you clients, income, in your career and even in your relationships!

Owning your worth and receiving are vital to visibility and success, going from so-so to unstoppable at work and in life.


  • Discover the five-step way to squash your self-criticism and negative inner talk
  • Learn the proven formula to accept praise with ease that increases your connection
  • Build your foundation of standing out confidently,  to sell yourself with positive sizzle, not sleaze

Business increase graph 2Better Appreciation, Better Results

How to Avoid the Top Five Appreciation Pitfalls and Fuel-Up High-Performance & Loyalty Instead

Even smart leaders can get off track with appreciation, taking a toll on your team or organization!

Leaders consistently ignore, misuse or complicate these motivational techniques, even as people are maxed out and wary of the future, creating gaps that leave them feeling disconnected from outcomes and their contribution taken for granted.

Like driving low on oil, the hidden harm spreads and lasting damage can occur. It’s time to pump-up your power to give those around you what they crave most and strengthen your own results–and happiness–in work and life.


  • Discover five of the most common appreciation missteps by leaders, managers, team leaders
  • Learn why these are more damaging than ever
  • Practice simple, conversational, no-budget things to do instead to fuel happier, high-performing people


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PLUS! Unique Engagement Programs

3Complimentsvideoouttakes2Ignite Your Meeting with the more of Monica and specialty make-a-difference opportunities

Great for Sponsors programs, for Cause-related, Philanthropy fundraising activities, team-building, or to enhance participation and engagement at your meeting or event. More details BELOW &  here  Call Monica directly to discuss specific opportunities 720.491.1410

Organizational Development/Company Training ProgramsSpeakingPicsMonicaStrobel4

Upleveled leadership & employee training on GREAT Appreciation© to enhance employee engagement, retention, performance, team-work, career development and people skills

Times have changed. We’ve changed. In what we want at work and in life. In how we do business, how we connect and how we buy.  With competition and critics a click away. New pressures on our relationships and in our families. And an increasing sense of callousness around us.

Today, success depends on people (including us) who feel valued, connected, on purpose and happier.

It requires igniting the sense of contribution, sense of connection and drive for excellence that yields top companies, winning careers, leading entrepreneurs and the happiest people and relationships.

Got APPRECITUDE?™ Your Super-Power for Leadership Success

Wish you could switch-on higher performance, commitment and connection in your organization, employees and those around you?

Since appreciation seems more Clark Kent-like than Superman-style, leaders often overlook and underestimate how deeply it matters, especially when everyone is being asked to do more with less.

Discover why and how leaders can harness the five core elements of appreciation to supercharge those around them with the mindset, motivation and sense of contribution that are at the core of individual and organizational success.

  • Discover the five super-powers of GREAT Appreciation© key to winning organizations and teams
  • Uplevel your understanding of the tie between appreciation and results
  • Unearth where you may be holding back on appreciation and opportunities for more
  • Learn some of the most effective means of appreciation and how and when to use them

Applies to  Executive, Manager and Leadership Best Practices, Corporate and Career Development

Also similar Got APPRECITUDE?™ Employee Development Training

NEW! Unique Engagement & Participation Programs

Work with Monica on customized programs to further your company or corporate goals, such as:

  • Create your customized company Declaration of Appreciation™
  • Develop Compliments Chains
  • Compliments for a Cause™ Videos
  • Three Compliments Challenge™
  • Nice for No Reason™ Kindness Initiatives or Gratitude Programs

More Employee Development Training Programs:

  • Harness the Hidden Powers of Appreciation: Five Secrets to Soar Your Success, Enrich Your Relationships and Boost Your Healthier Well-being and Happiness
  • Get Lucky!  Three Proven Ways to Get What You Want Faster & Easier at Work & In Life

For Booking, For Meeting & Event Planners, For Video & all my speaking specifics, Get More Info Here.
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©2015 Monica Strobel Denver, Colorado



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