How to Reap Your Business Gold? A Simple But Overlooked Practice to Get to the Winner’s Circle

By on 07/29/2016

Were you glued to the Olympics these past few weeks?  I’d forgotten just how many different sports are featured at the Summer Games.

And was fascinated both by how slim the margin of success was for the medalists in so many of the sports.

Similarly, many companies find themselves competing in very crowded markets.

And among those athletes racing in the pool, only the down-to-the-hundredth-of-seconds timers can detect the winners. Without the precise timers (and slow motion replay) we’d often not be able to tell who came in first, second or third, many times (leaving Michael Phelps & Katie Ledecky out of the equation, of course).

Yet in that competitive business pool, if a client or customer can seek their goods from a variety of sources, what separates the winners, who get repeat business and loyal clientele? Let’s take a stop-motion look at one under-the-radar yet wildly important piece of their success.

The attitude and appreciative words of the sales person, the clerk, the cashiers, customer service agent– anyone in contact with your oh-so-vital customers can give you that winning edge, sometimes referred to as “the razor’s edge” and after seeing so many athletic competitions, what I’m calling “the Olympic push.”

So the measure is in the things you do to run more efficiently. But a differential in how your clients and customers feel they are valued by your business or in your establishment.

After all — we all want to “be seen, be heard and know that we matter.” This is the essence of all good relationships and the secret-sauce of winning in today’s ‘connection economy.”

Plus, letting your employees know how much you value them adds an authenticity to what they do– since the entire culture of the organization is often apparent in the store greeting, customer assistance, and check-out.

Reap more gold with more appreciation.

How do you add an “Olympic push” of appreciation and recognition in your organization?

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