Employee Motivation: What Gets Repeated May Not Be What You Want

By on 12/02/2015

Positive Focus Success- working imageEmployee relations surveys reveal that many managers and team leaders simply aren’t doing what most experts believe they could be when working with their colleagues and even others.  For example,

No matter how well Sharon did on a project, the main–and loudest–feedback she got was when she missed something (no matter how big or small), got it done barely on it (though it was on time) or perhaps could have done better (who couldn’t, with less on their plates?)  Yet when she more than rose to the occasion and got the project done glowingly, she got little more than a perfunctory “Thanks” or “Glad that’s done” from her manager, Jeff.

Your managers– or you!– may just not “instinctively” know how to best deal with people.

Just because Jeff is the team leader doesn’t mean he’s ever been trained in the true value of appreciation and recognition.

Many managers, business owners and other leaders don’t realize that

What you recognize gets repeated. Tweet This!

Or what you focus on, grows. Or what you say, stays. {Yes, there’s a theme here}

Simply taking the extra time to compliment Sharon on something about the projects that she did well would go a tremendous distance in preventing burnout–and possibly losing her to a different team, department or company all together.

Hint: Don’t just “sandwich” praise around a criticism, either. Give the positive feedback and the negative feedback separately for the biggest effect.

For an even more lasting positive effect for Sharon, Jeff could spread the positive good word about something Sharon did, to the rest of her teammates, in a departmental meeting or to his boss, as well.  (Yet more than half of managers don’t think it’s right to brag about their subordinates achievements.)

He should look at the opportunity to praise her work as an opportunity to improve quality and ultimately boost overall performance.

YOUR TURN: Do you believe you give or receive enough praise at work? Comment below!

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