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Are you a woman solopreneur, expert, or in your career, and ready to:

  • Stop waiting for permission, ducking praise or hiding out. Get confident!
  • Curb your inner critic and embrace your greatness. Get visible!
  • Stop blending in, by telling your story that sets you apart. Get known!
  • Uplevel into media appearances, speaking, a book or a bigger platform. Increase your impact!

Deciding to own your worth and stand out is key to differentiating you, your work and your value from the rest. STANDOUTsuccessacademy_MonicaStrobel

When you ignite your greatness based on your own unique strengths, talents, gifts and style, you are unstoppable!

I want to help you stand-out to get more clients, make more money, and have a bigger impact!


There are several ways to work together, based on my unique Stand-Out Success S.O.S. System and famed Extreme Encouragement Success Formula.

We’ll leverage my more than 20 years experience in marketing, communications and public relations, from executive director to small business owner to entrepreneur, a speaker, author and mom of three– plus lifelong advocate for making a positive difference in the world. Services Include:

Private Stand-Out Success Mentoring.   Sizzle Factor VIP Intensives.  Tell Your Stand-Out Story Program.  Self-Study

standoutsuccessprivatementoringSTAND-OUT SUCCESS    PRIVATE MENTORING PROGRAM

For women solopreneurs, small business owners, professionals and careerists

Identify your strengths, amplify your confidence and get seen, get visible, get known.

Designed to work on developing your inner assets  plus your outer actions to get you up to speed as quickly as you’re willing to work, to be seen, get visible and get known.

With accountability, encouragement, coaching work, worksheets and inspiring guided visualizations, you’ll see results quickly and accelerate  your work and life. Can include confidence & charisma building, goal-setting, life-planning and direction decisions, and actual project implementation coaching. Topic areas can include:

SOLOPRENEURS: confidence building, strengths identifying, your about page, your author byline, your media page, your pr plan,  your USP Unique Selling Proposition, your  marketing platform, programs design.

CAREER/PROFESSIONALS goals, strengths, confidence building, ways to stand-out at work, strategies to grow personal leadership and executive presence, get-ahead fundamentals, networking, other stand-out strategies, like authoring a book or speaking.

2 month minimum, (3 recommended)

TWO 45-minute One-On-One Coaching Calls per month $300

THREE  One-on-One Coaching Calls per month, $425

>>>ONE TIME<<< 60-minute Quick Start Coaching Call $ 225


 SizzlefactorVIP For the Woman Solopreneur or Professional Ready for That Sizzle Factor

WHAT MAKES the Intensives different?

These are DONE WITH YOU programs, designed around quickly achieving specific outcomes.

When you want targeted, high-level results, my VIP Intensives are for you.

Offered as a half day, full day or 3 month program. All are VIP Intensives via Skype.  WORK AREAS INCLUDE:








Half Day SIZZLE FACTOR VIP Intensive $600

Full Day SIZZLE FACTOR VIP Intensive $ 900

Sizzle Factor Coaching Intensive

Three   50 Minute One-on-One Coaching Calls per month & Done With You work

  $ 600 per month for 3 months   or  $1700 pay in full

Get started with a quick application & real conversation with me first, complimentary, to see where you are and where you want to go  next. Email to  using the subject line: “Sizzle Factor VIP Intensives” and we’ll arrange to talk.


Ready to develop your unique marketing, branding, business or career stories, to help you stand-out, get known, get clients, get ahead?

As a Certified Life Story Writer, I’m passionate about helping you get these done and out there.

Worksheets, coaching, review and feedback of your materials.


Once you register, you’ll get weekly access to the lessons, delivered via email,  SIX modules in all, to go through on your own.

Each week, we’ll have a 30 minute laser call, for anyone who is doing the Story Coaching, with a brief  lesson and plenty of Q & A time.


6 weekly lessons of audio content and detailed worksheets, delivered via email

Weekly LIVE highlights group half-hour laser coaching & Q & A Session

Bonus #1 The LifeList Prompt 

A  6-page treasure-trove document of questions to help you jumpstart your Story writing. Can be used in the future to ask & record other’s life stories, such as a parent, grandparent or other important person.

Bonus #2  Quotes booklet about the power of story, to keep you inspired along the way

YOUR STAND-OUT STORY  6-Week Coaching Program  $ 297

OR UPLEVEL to get all of the above PLUS ONE private coaching call + TWO personal reviews of your story, done via email, up to 3 typed double spaced pages each time.    $ 697





Calling Our Your Natural Charisma

30 Days to Unleash Your Positive Inner Essence & Win Over Others with Confidence and Ease


Think Charisma is strictly natural ? Well you’re right AND you’re wrong. Some people do seem to be naturally charismatic, with an easy-going presence that makes folks want to work together, their more trusted and able to experience less rejection.

BUT you’re wrong if you think that if you don’t have the ability to be more charismatic — everyone does!

Together, we’re going to unlock it, so you, too, can have an extraordinary edge to life and feel more confident winning others over and living your ideal life.

This is an online self-study e-Course and Workbook, delivered to you in six segments, every five days. Less than that and you’re not building on what you just learned, More than that and you’re overwhelmed.

30 DAYS   Six-Part On-Line e-Course and Workbook, delivered via email every five days  $ 77 (Regular price $97)

BONUS #1  QUICK CHARISMA Tip-Sheet Infographic, to keep hand after you complete the course as a reminder

BONUS #2  Confidence, Charm & Charisma quotes booklet, to inspire you anytime into the future

OR UPLEVEL to get all the above PLUS  One 45 Minute Private Coaching Call with Monica $ 197

ONCE you download these lessons, you’ll have them forever, and can return to redo any individual lesson or all of them, at a future time. You are NOT ALLOWED to share this course with anyone who has not purchased it themselves.

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