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3 Ways Appreciation Helps You Live Happier and Longer

By on 03/16/2016

Happy people live longer. Sounds so much better than advice to ‘cut out this’ or ‘cut out that’ if you want to see your golden years! Recent research reveals that it’s actually more effective to  live happier by concentrating on

FreeCompliments: the got-to-have Mini-Poster

By on 11/26/2015

Click on the image Opens in a New WindowDownload the pdf Print it out (looks good in black & white, too), Save it to your computer to print over & again Cut upward on the dotted lines to create the

What are You Growing? 50 Ways to Praise a Child

By on 11/01/2015

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in what’s not working and focus on what’s wrong: “You didn’t….” “You never…” “Why don’t you…” Yet research proves that children need a minimum of three positives for every negative they hear, to

What You Focus On Grows

By on 10/16/2015

Anti-bullying: 5 Ways Parents Can Help Your Child

By on 09/15/2015

As parents begin to settle into school routines, the specter of bullying is not far from our minds. Similar to how we are tasked with teaching our children how to be good citizens, they see us as examples. When it