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How to Reap Your Business Gold? A Simple But Overlooked Practice to Get to the Winner’s Circle

By on 07/29/2016

Were you glued to the Olympics these past few weeks?  I’d forgotten just how many different sports are featured at the Summer Games. And was fascinated both by how slim the margin of success was for the medalists in so

4 Ways to Reduce Absences And Make People Happier At Work

By on 02/11/2016

If you’re an employer or a manager, then work place absence is costing you money, inconvenience, and can be upsetting to your other employees and even your customers. What we’re talking about are the days taken off work that are

Employee Motivation: What Gets Repeated May Not Be What You Want

By on 12/02/2015

Employee relations surveys reveal that many managers and team leaders simply aren’t doing what most experts believe they could be when working with their colleagues and even others.  For example, No matter how well Sharon did on a project, the

FreeCompliments: the got-to-have Mini-Poster

By on 11/26/2015

Click on the image Opens in a New WindowDownload the pdf Print it out (looks good in black & white, too), Save it to your computer to print over & again Cut upward on the dotted lines to create the