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3 Ways Appreciation Helps You Live Happier and Longer

By on 03/16/2016

Happy people live longer. Sounds so much better than advice to ‘cut out this’ or ‘cut out that’ if you want to see your golden years! Recent research reveals that it’s actually more effective to  live happier by concentrating on

700 Percent Pay Increase? Two Success Secrets from the Baseball Diamond

By on 03/02/2016

While baseball players, bats and stadiums have evolved – for better or worse — since the mid-1800’s, the game remains nearly as simple as it was when it started. Which is why so many fans love it! And simple—as in

3 Dynamite Ways to Ignite Your Inner Greatness

By on 01/30/2016

You know that feeling that you get when someone gives you a compliment? Or how about that fluttery feeling when that special someone smiles at you and catches your eye. Those are good feelings, aren’t they? What if you were

Stand-out Strategy Sessions: Personal & Professional Success

By on 01/01/2016

Anyone who’s launched their coaching business, solopreneur practice or book, knows the hard work and pride! But how do you keep going when the results aren’t exactly what you’d hoped for, or you realize that the biggest obstacle to your

Do You Read Your Press? 3 Ways Encouraging Words Help Your Career

By on 06/18/2015

A recent article by Aimee Groth and Kim Bhasin offers “22 Executives Share The Best Advice They Ever Received.” As one of the 22 execs profiled, Maria Bartiromo, anchor, CNBC, is quotes as having said (in a 2010 interview