Monica Strobel Speaking Fees

MonicaStrobelintheMediaMonica is dedicated to making not only her presentation but your entire event the most effective, empowering and memorable.

She always arrives early, stays late, to interact with your attendees, audience and VIPs/key stakeholders, to provide even more opportunity for learning and interaction–and value to you and your message.

Of course, you’ll do some pre-presentation work with Monica, to customize the program to best meet your events goals.

  • National:
    • Keynote or General Session Program, 45 to 90 mins   $3,500
    • Half-Day, up to 3 hours    $4,500
    • Full-Day, up to 6 hours    $5,000
    • Two-Day, combination keynote, breakouts, workshops,   $6,000 to $10,000
  • International: $6,500  to  $9,000
  • Within Denver Front Range area and Nonprofit: inquire about possible discount
  • Training/Consulting Programs: Customized to your number of sessions, number of persons, number of locations, number of topics. Range from $2,500 to $120,000.


  • Monica will make every attempt to meet your budget and make sure you get the program you need. 
  • Payment schedule: 50% deposit to guarantee date, 50% balance due at event
  • Pay in full at deposit for pre-pay discount (ask about availability)
  • Fees may vary depending upon time, type of presentation, location, multiple bookings, travel expenses, audio or videotaping and other considerations.
  • Travel expenses:
    • Airfare is billed to client after confirmed booking (paid deposit or in full) and is due upon receipt or no later than at speaking event.
    • Client books and handles accommodations directly on behalf of Monica–at least one hotel night per speaking day.
    • All other travel expenses included in speaking fees (non-billable).
  • Some Triple Feature Special Program Dates Available (see below)

Let’s chat about how Monica will add significant value to your meeting, for your members or with your messaging. Some of Monica’s engagement programs are especially beneficial for sponsors & cause-related efforts.

Call now at 720.491.1410, email to or use the contact form here.

Monica books events 2 to 24 months in advance, but check on a last-minute opportunity if you need to ensure your event success. 

WOW! Triple Feature Appreciation Speaking Program Special

Add more value to your meeting with more time from Monica, to ensure your audience, attendees or members leave your event feeling informed, connected and appreciated! 

Act now  to send your members, meeting or message takeaways and positive ratings across the finish line with flying colors!

INCLUDES all of the following three programs/engagement activities:

1. Keynote or General Session Program

The Appreciation Advantage   THE energizing, uplifting and empowering program for unleashing the simple but powerful positive human principles of appreciation and recognition.

2. Professional Development Session:  

Add either a Breakout or Training session OR Executive Roundtable OR Expert Panelist. Suggested:

  • Appreciate Your Way to the Top  Nine State-of-the-Art Secrets to Boost Your Business, Your People and YOU
  • Better Appreciation, Better Results   Five Ways Even Smart Managers Get Lost in the Land of Appreciation
  • Permission to Shine:  How to Curb Your Inner Critic, Accept Compliments Authentically and B.O.A.S.T. All the Way to the Bank

3. New! Totally Unique ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIES: 

“Compliments for a CAUSE” or Three Compliments Challenge or Monica will run a Saying It ForwardTM Compliment Wall Exchange OR The Complimentologist is IN booth to offer your attendees an acknowledgment of something they’ve not been recognized for OR answer questions about using more SPARK in your organization or personal situation. (Remember Lucy’s booth in Peanuts cartoon?) All funds raised donated to philanthropy partner of choice. Created with client after booking3Complimentsvideoouttakes2

SIZZLING!   $4,500* booked and paid in full  for this one-to- two full day booking, for events prior to May 1, 2016 (airfare billed separately; client books and handles two-nights accommodations for Monica; all other travels expenses included in speaking fee)

OR $6,000, with 50 percent due on booking, 50 percent by event.

*while booking dates are available  Call Monica directly 720-491-1410 today


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