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So much more valuable to you than just another speech!

Monica’s lively, empowering programs leave everyone feeling more connected, vital and valued—translating into higher retention, higher ratings, higher results

Upbeat, sprinkled with humor and highly buzz-worthy—her programs will have your audiences talking, taking immediate action and reconnecting to your message and organization, long after your event is over.


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With over 20 years’ experience with meetings, I will do everything possible to help make YOU shine:

  • I work with you to make sure your needs are met as event planner and ensure your audience enjoys and gets the most from my presentations.
  • I enjoy connecting with your folks at every level: attendees (employees, members), executives, Board Members, VIPs, even your meeting staff and volunteers.
  • My simple, powerful messages lead audiences to immediately feel more valued, connected, and happier–adding significant value to your event and increasing their success in their business and lives.

 Inquire immediately about booking, via my contact form or email to Info(at)MonicaStrobel or call me directly at 720-491-141o. Or read on below.

 Monica’s Most-Popular Keynote/Speaking Program

The Appreciation Advantage  Simple Secrets, Extraordinary Results

In hectic, unsettled and competitive times, nothing is as vital to success as our people and relationships.

And nothing is as crucial to activate them both as when folks feel valued, connected, on purpose and happier!

So how do you ignite these inner forces—at work and in you? The powers of appreciation.

Yet we still skip or misuse these simple essentials and it’s costly.

Let’s bust the appreciation myths and mistakes blocking your results.

Explore the latest from brain science to performance studies.

Discover four secrets to fueling people who consistently give their best, loyal clients who sing your praises and rewarding relationships that last.

Plus, you’ll learn to quickly grow rapport and influence, boost your health and happiness and make a bigger positive impact, at work and in the world.


  • Stop the six biggest success stealers draining your organization & you
  • Ignite the three inner forces that fuel morale, performance & loyalty
  • Boost the hidden power key to today’s ‘connection economy’
  • Lead & communicate with GREAT AppreciationTM–and what to avoid–in business and beyond

APPLIES TO: Positive Leadership | Organizational Culture | Employee Engagement & Retention | Performance | Sales & Customer Care | People Skills | Relationships | Social Impact

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Add Monica’s unique engagement programs to transform & uplift your event

Such as the Three Compliments Challenge, Saying-It-Forward Wall, Compliments for a Cause, and more. These are great for sponsors, teams or do to as a cause-related marketing, fundraising or corporate philanthropy. 3Complimentsvideoouttakes2

What Others Are Saying About Monica!

  • Your talk was inspiring and enlightening. We all appreciated your humor and really did see your passion for helping others see the benefit of giving more compliments.” Mary Ellen Lewis, Program Chair, Aurora Business and Professional Women
  • “We are the ones who should be thanking you. You really hit the nail on the head… personal connections with people.” Ron Podboy, VP of Programming, Arapahoe Sales Professionals
  • “Thank you for your excellent presentation… adding so much to the success of this program.” Elizabeth Geiser, Director, DU Publishing Institute
  • Your professional style and warm personality blended well together as you delivered a very informative seminar.”  John Poleski, San Diego  Spiritual Center, Workshop Host
  • “Thanks for today’s talk on the power of complements [sic]. …understand wholeheartedly the importance of joyfully giving away something that costs nothing…” Bernadette Hyland, Fredericksburg Community Event attendee
  • “…turned me on to the power of compliments and enhanced my parenting, my relationships and even my business success.” Lisa Tener, author, coach
  • “In a world seemingly filled with negativity it was nice to stop and focus on the positive impacts we can have on ourselves and those around us.  As our Rotary club is mostly filled with high-powered men…I am happy to say that her message of positivity was received very well! I had several men come talk to me after the presentation to express their gratitude for the topic. They were also interested in having Monica come speak at other organizations they belong to. The message Monica shares is one of changing our world for the better…  Shelley Coar, Westminster Rotary Programming Coordinator.

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