What are You Growing? 50 Ways to Praise a Child

By on 11/01/2015

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in what’s not working and focus on what’s wrong: “You didn’t….” “You never…” “Why don’t you…” Yet research proves that children need a minimum of three positives for every negative they hear, to

Imagine the Results if

By on 10/18/2015

What You Focus On Grows

By on 10/16/2015

Anti-bullying: 5 Ways Parents Can Help Your Child

By on 09/15/2015

As parents begin to settle into school routines, the specter of bullying is not far from our minds. Similar to how we are tasked with teaching our children how to be good citizens, they see us as examples. When it

Are You an Aligned Leader? Top 10 Ways to Lead by Example

By on 08/08/2015

Nothing takes you more out of alignment—and less effective— than leaders who send the message to “Do as I say, not as I do.” The best leaders pull, not push, leading by example. When suggesting that your team consider each

Do You Read Your Press? 3 Ways Encouraging Words Help Your Career

By on 06/18/2015

A recent FORBES.com article by Aimee Groth and Kim Bhasin offers “22 Executives Share The Best Advice They Ever Received.” As one of the 22 execs profiled, Maria Bartiromo, anchor, CNBC, is quotes as having said (in a 2010 interview


By on 11/07/2014

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