TuchowskiBorn into a large family in a Polish neighborhood on Chicago’s S. side, Monica grew up largely in the western suburbs. She also spent lots of time playing, roaming and helping on her grandparents’ dairy farm (her mom in the photo, front 3rd from left) in Michigan’s rural UP.

She finished college in Colorado, where she’s made her home since. After months backpacking through Europe instead of taking her law school spot, Monica spent a year as a VISTA Volunteer (like Peace Corps in the U.S.) which fired up her desire to help leave the world a better place. Needless to say, she embraces change and challenges (and yes, skipped becoming an attorney).

Peeking into her portfolio you’d see pictures of her working in crowded offices & a home office, the boardroom & backyard birthday parties, celebrity golf tournaments & fundraising galas, in the governor’s office & at job sites, at the keyboard & in the workshop, on a tour bus & in meeting rooms.

She worked her way through college waitressing mostly, serving everything from pancakes to cocktails. She’s been an avid volunteer through the years, from children’s mentoring programs to delivering meals to the elderly to schools.

Leo Rojek on ShipMonica is a trained Memories to Memoir Writer, who’s written life stories of WWII veterans (her dad in the photo, who enlisted WWII at 17) and helped countless others tell their stories, too.

She’s been writing her whole life, from term papers to talking points, copy writing to children’s stories. When writing her first book, she lost a great friend to ovarian cancer, whom dedicated her book to and also fundraises for, besides other charitable causes.

Monica is another proud parent, whose three children bring her the greatest joys, and some of the hardest work, ever. She was married 15 years. After divorcing, they made co-parenting a priority, raising kids who will change the world in their own, wonderful ways.

While you won’t ever see her wearing rose-colored glasses, Monica is a firm believer in the power of positive focus, and that every one of you is amazing. And she says, she can prove it!

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