Anti-bullying: 5 Ways Parents Can Help Your Child

By on 09/15/2015

As parents begin to settle into school routines, the specter of bullying is not far from our minds. Similar to how we are tasked with teaching our children how to be good citizens, they see us as examples. When it comes to bullying, you can also help them with the way you act.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. For kids and parents, it can make the difference between a victim and a victor especially when it comes to bullies. Teach them smart ways to take care of themselves and they may prove to be too strong in character for a bully to handle.

Did you know that bullies…

…are insecure people, even more so than the average child or teenager. In order to make themselves feel better, they pick on others, pointing out what they feel are weaknesses and exploiting them.

…may have been bullied themselves. This is not to make you feel sorry for them, but to help you understand where they are coming from. It can be a factor in finding a solution. If a bully is terrorized at home, they may show their anger at school towards another child.

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