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Monica Strobel is America’s Go-To Appreciation Expert, Stand-out Success Academy founder and Inner Greatness Igniter— changing lives worldwide.

She’s a leader on activating individual and organizational success by inspiring positive personal leadership and positive-spirited drive for excellence, especially by unleashing the hidden powers of appreciation and praise —and make a bigger positive impact in the world. She shares her simple but powerful strategies speaking, coaching, as an author and on TV, radio, online, print media and more.

She’s passionate about also working with people (women most often) to show up in a bigger way in their business or career and to live and work fully in their gifts—now more than ever.

Monica empowers people to be and give their best at work, life and love—with what’s practical and powerful and straight from the heart.

Trained across the trenches

Monica has more than 25 years expertise in business, government and nonprofit organizations. She’s been an employee, manager and executive director, a small business owner and entrepreneur and a busy mother of three. Her work background includes marketing, communications, public relations, policy, writing and fundraising in multiple arenas, including renewable energy, sustainable transportation, children’s health advocacy, freelance writing, corporate events and golf tournaments.

Her richly varied work and life experiences include times of great accomplishments and serious setbacks, standing out and hiding out, acting with determination and letting real and imagined fears stop her from moving forward. Add in some big personal “knowledge bumps” along the way (the painful results of what-were-you-thinking choices) and she’s practiced at digging deep and resilience.

Still, she’s long been known and recognized for her positive outlook paired with practical get-it-done results. Combining her deep desire to serve others and help make the world a better place, with her friendly wit, intuitive wisdom, curious nature and commitment to continue to grow, she is one of the leading success mentors for today’s times.

Besides, she absolutely, positively knows YOU are brilliant and can’t wait to tell you.

  • Monica unlocks the secrets, science and strategies of The Appreciation Advantage™ to improve personal and organizational performance, positive leadership and culture, motivation and engagement, small business success and happiness—even parenting, relationships and romance.
  • She mentors solopreneur and career women (mostly), and authors, speakers, coaches, to go from blend-in to bravo™, by claiming their worth, increasing their visibility and telling their own story in ways that get seen and get known.
  • She helps those who want to get it going or get it done with her uniquely powerful Extreme Encouragement Success Formula, that she offers in her Fueled to Fly programs.
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Throughout her life, Monica discovered that the simple habit she had of giving people personal recognition in compliments and praise was an often overlooked and wildly misused practice!

Her book, The Compliment Quotient: Boost Your Spirits, Spark Your Relationships and Uplift the World, is the humorous, helpful “get happy” guide to improve relationships, parenting, marriages and personal joy in simple, powerful ways, and being a powerful, positive influence for yourself and those around you.

She is leading the 3 Compliments A Day Change Your Life and Change the World 30 Day Challenge to increase kindness, sense of connection and happiness and combat the habits of bullying, apathy, cynicism and intolerance in the world around us all. 3Compliments


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