3 Dynamite Ways to Ignite Your Inner Greatness

By on 01/30/2016

You know that feeling that you get when someone gives you a compliment? Or how about that fluttery feeling when that special someone smiles at you and catches your eye.

Those are good feelings, aren’t they?

What if you were able to call them up at any time? 

Stop being your own worst enemy

We talk ourselves out of things that are good for us, we talk ourselves in to things that are no good for us.

We don’t even get out of the gate with some projects because of the self-critical and even sabotaging talk we tell ourselves.

And, we know darn well that if our best friends were to talk to themselves like that we would never allow it. We’d stop them dead in their tracks and point out all their wonderful attributes and even then some.

So, why is it then we cannot or do not do this for ourselves? The reasons vary some from person to person, as worrying about being humble, as taught not to shine, as always taking care of others feelings, habits formed from feeling less than because of constant comparing. (More on How to Boast well later!)

But you can and must, turn it around. Stop your inner bashing and you’ll ooze with more confidence that is downright attractive, to others at work, life and love–and to yourself.

Three tried-and-true ways to boost your positive sense of personal well-being and inner awesomeness, all by your own. sweet. self.


Of course you’ve probably heard about affirmations– and maybe you even thought they were a little silly. So, if the thought of telling yourself how much you are in love with yourself while looking in a mirror sounds a bit over the top, hold on a minute.

How about trying something different?

How about talking to yourself like you would an old familiar friend? When your friends are down and out, what is the first thing you do? You lift them up, that’s what. Try lifting yourself up when you feel that way.

Start by telling yourself out loud (and, yes for you go-big among us, in the mirror) how much you have accomplished. Every ginormous and little-bit thing.

By listing out your achievements, you will see that they far outweigh your failures.

And your sense of self starts to grow and glow.

To amp it up, do your self talk with the power of physiology: adopt the power pose (as Amy Cuddy presented in one of the most watched TED Talks ever). Or as the famous motivator Tony Robbins always suggests, on your feet, with emotion, punching your hand up into the air (I’ve gotten hooked on this take on self-talk myself; if enough people ask, I’ll post my favorite ways on YouTube ;-) )

APPRECITUDE: I keep a running tally and when something I’ve forgotten pops into my head, I add it.

2. Make It Visual

Another powerful thing to do tap into your greatness is to keep photos or visual mementos of accomplishments around you.

For example, let’s say you had a fear of flying and you took your first flight ever. Then post a picture of that trip in your home office, or even in front of your work station.

Even if you were always behind the camera, something visual that immediately speaks to you of this accomplishment works. This will remind you that you have achieved greatness by overcoming fear.

If you have children, of course, post pictures of them, from times that made you happy for an extra boost. After all, they are some of your greatest achievements.

If you obtained a certification in something, hang it up (like the docs do). Or if you made someone smile and they sent you a thank you note, post that up there too.

The more you post acknowledgements of your greatness, the more you will feel it internally. The more you feel it internally, the more you can naturally rely on it in easy and trying times alike.

APPRECITUDE: Write how you felt on the back of the photo, so when you  see it, you can easily tap into the feeling of that accomplishment, amping up the inner-greatness-building. Turn it over and read it every day!

3. Tap into What Makes You Feel in Awe

Those feelings of wonder and amazement, this is awe.

And it’s powerful for your sense of inner greatness. It’s being proven by researchers as a positive antidote to indifference, a boost to creativity and to connection and more happiness.

You are so much more than you know. And your sense of inner greatness soars at this awe inspiring idea.

If you believe in a higher being, then don’t be afraid to be thankful for your gift of creation. If a higher being believed in you enough to create you, then you must be something pretty special.

After all, out of 7,000,000,000 people (that’s 7 Billion) on the planet, and all those who’ve come before, and those who’ll come after you, there is and never will be, another like you.

Connecting deeply to the miracle of the natural world you are part-and-parcel of, can be wildly empowering.

Connect deeply on your next walk. Look at inspiring photos of the outdoors. Watch videos or news on good deeds. And from the Hubble telescope.

You may feel small when you go into awe. Yet we’re still constantly figuring out us human beings and our connection to the world around us. Think about sight. Think about hearing. Think about touch.

They  happen in us in seconds and milliseconds and nanoseconds. Often unfailingly for 31 millions of seconds in a row each year.

You are A LOT, as you are. .

APPRECITUDE: Repeat (as from the great Og Mandino) “I am nature’s greatest miracle.”

Which of these three will you try first?

 Do you have any tried and true ways to tap into your greatness and believe in yourself?

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