Welcome, Amazing You!

What if, while others…

… struggle to win customers or retain clients, YOU easily gain new business and referrals and grow rewarding connections.
… face dwindling productivity and staff turnover, your people, team and YOU consistently perform with confidence, creativity and commitment.
… hope for a raise, a promotion or more happiness, YOU soar your income, impact, day-to-day joy and well-being (even more romance).

The route to success has changed! Because we’ve changed. In what we value at work and in life. In business structures and buying behaviors. With competition and critics a click away. New pressures on relationships and families. And an increasing sense of discord and callousness around us.

Why is inner greatness key? Because when we’re feeling connected, valued, on purpose and happier, we’re virtually unstoppable. And the simplest way to ignite it, is with the powers of appreciation.

This isn’t some polite chore or feel-good exercise. We’re talking an upward-spiral accelerator!

The appreciation advantage is unleashing a unique combination of core human principles and simple, caring words and deeds, for those we lead, those we serve and ourselves, that:

  • forges greater connection, cooperation and trust
  • fuels resilience, initiative and drive for excellence
  • fosters confidence, creativity and charisma
  • grows a soaring sense of well-being and positive-spirited getting things done

It’s practical. Powerful. Proven. By yesterday’s business magnates to today’s superstars. By leading research on human performance and happiness to the latest from neuroscience. And by quietly and wildly thriving organizations and individuals alike.

Now more than ever, isn’t it time to ignite your success at work and life and make that bigger positive difference in the world?

The hidden key to top performing organizations?

Business increase graph 2Appreciation is leadership and success rocket fuel. Yet it’s easy to skip or misuse in hectic competitive times! Discover how to ignite a culture of high performing, happier people who stay, loyal clients and your own winning attitude—and results. (Speaking & Programs for organizations, leaders, managers, employee or career development)

Still holding back on your brilliance, not getting visible?

Entrepreneur woman coach 4Women everywhere let visibility fears stop them from stepping into the business, career and life they want–and deserve. Yet owning your worth and receiving (like taking compliments with ease) make you magnetic and unstoppable! It’s time to confidently show up and stand-out. (Coaching and Programs, solopreneurs & career)

Lost your happy outlook? Relationship in a rut?

upliftMaybe you’ve fallen into a habit of criticizing, or got stuck in what’s not working. But who has time for complicated self-help! Re-discover simple, powerful habits to enhance your happiness, your health, your romance and your parenting. (Books and Programs, especially for busy women)

I can’t wait to help you succeed brilliantly!

Grab my Inner Greatness Success Tools and check out my speaking programs, coaching opportunities + positively useful bits. Plus, it’s the simple way to make a bigger positive difference in the world around us all.

Monica's StrobelMonica Strobel, Appreciation Expert. Stand-out Success Coach. Inner Greatness Igniter. Known as”America’s Complimentologist”

IGNITING Thriving LeadershipSoaring Employee Satisfaction & RetentionExcellent Service RatingsPromotions & RaisesRepeat Clients & ReferralsSelf-Confidence & CharismaVibrant RelationshipsHappy Families
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