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Positive Focus is solution oriented. It’s unleashing the mindset, heart and drive that inspires excellence, forges connection, fuels performance and grows happier well-being.  Positive Focus will ignite your Success!

The secret of top performing organizations? Appreciation is leadership and success rocket fuel. But it’s easy to skip or misuse in hectic competitive times! Discover how to ignite a culture of high performing people, loyal clients and your own winning attitude—and results. (Speaking and Training for leaders, managers and employee or career development.)

Entrepreneur woman coachNot getting the clients, cash or advancement you’re after?  Owning your worth and receiving, like accepting compliments with ease, make you magnetic and unstoppable! Discover how to confidently show up and stand-out, to claim the work, life and more you’re after. (Coaching and Programs especially for women and solopreneurs.)

upliftLost your joyful outlook? Maybe you’ve fallen into a habit of criticizing, are feeling taken for granted, or focused on all that’s wrong. Skip the complicated self-help! Re-discover simple yet powerful habits to enhance your happiness, your health, your romance and your parenting. (Books and Programs especially for busy women.)

Grab my Free Success Kit and look below for links to trainings, programs + positively useful bits. I can’t wait to help you succeed brilliantly!MonicaStrobelSignature1 Go-To Appreciation Expert & Stand-out Success Coach.  America’s Complimentologist

Thriving Leadership Ÿ• Ÿ Soaring Employee Satisfaction & Retention Ÿ• Excellent Service RatingsŸ •Ÿ Promotions & Raises Ÿ•Ÿ Repeat Clients & Referrals Ÿ• Self-Confidence & CharismaVibrant RelationshipsHappy Families

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