From so-so to unstoppable

What’s holding you back? Not getting your great work out into the world like you know you’re meant to. Not getting the results you’re after. Not stepping into bigger opportunities. Or when your people–in your business, your market, your relationships— do the same.

Yet we know this: when folks feel valued, connected, on purpose and happier, they’re enthusiastic and high-performing! Confidently contributing and collaborating. Building quick rapport with others and gaining respect and influence. Creating strong, lasting relationships. Getting more referrals. Stepping into the limelight or their dream life.  Growing their business or taking on a bigger role and increasing their income.

Why? From neuroscience to positive psychology to the latest performance studies, we’ve learned that smart work & social skills grounded in authentic emotional connection are more crucial than ever to success.

This is my superpower: To witness your greatness, and help you, and/or your people, unleash it. So you can soar your business and life to new heights —and make a bigger positive impact in the world that we need now more than ever.

Work with Monica

MonicaStrobelintheMedia9As a work and life success mentor I have a passion for igniting your business, your work, your relationships—to gain the success you want now.

Individuals and organizations rely on my programs that combine core human values, the latest research and simple, proven practices to achieve quick and lasting results–especially in today’s busy times.

I work with clients in two focus areas:

  KEYNOTE SPEAKER  &  Appreciation Igniter L 
Appreciation is success rocket-fuel. Yet we often skip &  misuse it!

My rockin’ keynote presentation, The Appreciation Advantage, will instantly empower your folks during your meeting and long-beyond, so you both reap the benefits. Wildly impactful for associations, companies and other groups.

Results include improving performance and motivation, increasing connection, gaining rapport and respect, getting seen and noticed, reducing apathy and burnout, closing more business and keeping clients, developing stronger, long-lasting relationships, as well as living healthier and happier and making a bigger positive difference in the world.

Applies to positive leadership, performance, morale, engagement, retention, people skills, relationships, happiness.   Plus, more training on succeeding with Apprecitude™, breakouts, workshops and unique engagement programs like the Three Compliments Video Challenge or Compliments for a Cause™. (More about my speaking programs here)

It’s time to get seen and get known, get it going and get it done! Stop the self-criticism or self-sabotage, break-through the other blocks, like fear and resistance, that keep you from getting out there. Or decide to step it up, like telling your story or getting into the media.

I love working with women solopreneurs and professionals to ignite stand-out confidence and get you out there to claim that more you’re after–and change the world while you’re at it.

Outcomes include feeling more confident in work or social situations, like speaking, speaking up or taking praise. Increasing your personal presence and charisma. Getting more clients more easily, taking on new job responsibilities and boosting marketing and sales. Telling the right stories and stepping up to get seen at a higher level, such as in the media, partnering with influencers, accelerating up the career ladder.

Stand-Out Success programs cover the range of inner improvements, like curbing your inner critic to outer skills like showing up with higher level presence and Done-With-You VIP-level targets, such as expanding your “platform” or getting into the media.  My speaking programs are empowering to women in all levels of work and life. (More about my coaching and programs here)

Time for Take-Off!

More Clients & Referrals • Better Income • Winning Leadership •  Stand-Out Confidence • Happier, High-Performing Employees who Stay •  Greater Visibility • Joyful Well-being • Lasting, Meaningful Relationships • Kinder, More Positive Culture 

Grab my FREE Success Tools, book me to speak, or have a complimentary success strategy session. The world is waiting for your greatness!

YOU are brilliant
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