The route to success has changed!

Because times have changed. We’ve changed. In what we want at work and in life. In how we do business, how we connect and how we buy.  With competition and critics a click away. New pressures on our relationships and in our families. And an increasing sense of callousness around us.

Today, success depends on people (including us) who feel valued, connected, on purpose and happier.

It requires: 

  • Igniting the sense of contribution and drive for excellence that yields top companies, winning careers, leading entrepreneurs and the happiest people and relationships.
  • Showing up confidently, not shrinking from praise or the spotlight—so you stand out at work and in life, not blend in.
  • Breaking through what’s stopping you, to get the work or life of your dreams into the world, now, as only you can.

HOW? Harnessing human essentials, like the hidden powers of appreciation, encouragement, empathy, that unleash our inner greatness.

While these ‘softer skills’ are often overlooked or misused, they’re powerful, practical, proven, by the latest studies on human performance and on happiness, by neuroscience, positive psychology and emotional intelligence. And by organizations and individuals thriving at the top—and making a greater positive difference in the world.

Work with MonicaMonicaStrobelintheMedia9

As America’s Go-To Appreciation Expert and Inner Greatness Igniter, Monica is a leading life and work success mentor—changing lives worldwide.

Individual and organizational clients rely on her unique programs that combine core human values, the latest research and simple, proven practices, to achieve quick and lasting results.

She infuses her speaking, coaching and writing with 25 years’ experience across business, government and nonprofit organizations, as an entrepreneur and small business owner, and a mom of three.

Monica unlocks the secrets of The Appreciation Advantage in witty, warm-hearted and wildly impactful programs, for associations, companies, nonprofits and other groups. Secrets to increasing positive leadership, performance, morale, engagement, retention, relationships, happiness–and making a bigger positive impact in the world.

› Helping people breakthrough blocks to Get It Going or Get It Done (Fueled to Fly).
› Helping entrepreneurs (most often women) unleash their stand-out presence to boost their marketing, sales, leadership or career. (Stand-Out Success Academy)
Her speaking programs are  empowering to women in all levels of work and life.

Monica has appeared on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC TV, broadcast and online radio, print media and blogs—on boosting success at work, in relationships, parenting and self-worth. She’s the author of The Compliment Quotient, and is also known as America’s Complimentologist. She’s leading the 3 Compliments A Day Change Your Life, Change the World 30 Day Challenge.

Isn’t it time to Soar Your Success?

My mission is to empower everyone I work with, at every level and role, to be and give their bestespecially in simple ways that fit our hectic times AND make the world a better place.

Grab my FREE Success Tools, book me to speak, or have a complimentary success strategy session. Let’s ignite your work, your relationships, your joy—in bold, vibrant ways to make the impact you want and we need now more than ever.

You are brilliant!
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More Clients & Referrals • Better Income • Winning Leadership •  Happier, High-Performing Employees who Stay • Stand-Out Confidence • Greater Visibility • Healthy Well-being • Fulfilling Relationships • Successful Kids • Kinder, More Positive Culture


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